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Are you a Subject-Matter Expert?
What would having a book allow you to do… That you can’t Do today?

Having a Book will…

  • Establish Your Credibility as an Expert
  • Create Authority for You & Your Company
  • Provide Relevant Content for Blog Articles
  • Be Your BEST Marketing Brochure

in this all-in workshop you get:

  • Physical books (100 copies)
  • Endorser books (20 copies)
  • Ebooks (Kindle & PDF)
  • Listing on
  • Content generation procedures
  • Complete design and layout
  • Fully tailored to You and Your Brand
  • ISBN & Library of Congress registration
  • Getting endorsements system
  • Individual coaching, feedback, instruction
  • Group training webinars (4 sessions)
  • All the files (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)

“99 Questions” Books

Each 99 Questions book draws its strength from Subject Matter Experts (like you!). And its unique, questions-only format is perfectly geared for today’s “give me the headlines” decision-makers. Plus, each question pulls double-duty as titles for future blog articles, newsletters, tweets and autoresponders. Your 99 questions literally becomes your editorial calendar!

Why questions?

In 1996, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychology professor at the University of Chicago discovered how Nobel laureates and other creative people achieved their breakthroughs—Once they asked themselves the right question, their ideas flowed rapidly.

Ten years later, McKinsey & Co. took this finding one step further, examining how the most successful companies in recent history (startups to F500 firms) had achieved their positions. They found that a number of important innovations sprang from responses to particular questions.

Why a Physical Book?

Books identify authors as true, Subject Matter Experts. Books are the rite of passage into guruship. And while the content of a book and a marketing brochure or white paper may be identical, Prospective Customers react differently to books. As Joe Cullinane asked me when he saw me working on a new brochure in 2004, “When was the last time a customer asked you to autograph your brochure?” *

Or said differently, when was the last time you threw a book in the garbage? And on the other hand, how about that marketing brochure you just got in the mail?

*By the way, that “brochure” became my first book—Marketing Playbook: The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing. It was endorsed by Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Al Ries, Riva Lesonsky, Doug Hall, Ben McConnell, Perry Marshall and many other marketing leaders!

Only Real Experts Know The Right 99 Questions To Ask

In 2010, John Fancher challenged a group of us to write 99 questions on a topic in which each of us believed we had deep, domain expertise. He posited that only real experts could write 99 questions about a particular subject in the span of a weekend.

Since then, I’ve proven it to myself—and to many others—that only bona fide, experienced professionals are capable of asking the right questions.

If you have a proven track-record in your market, then you owe it to yourself to jump onboard and write your own 99 Questions book. It’s the most cost-effective marketing investment you’ll ever make!

Most “experts” never publish ANYTHING!

It could be for lack of time and focus, not having a coach or a plan to follow, or simply, writer’s block.

The excuses are legion.

If you don’t have the right procedures, if you’re not accountable for deadlines and if you don’t have a team capable of getting your book into print, you’re kidding yourself and wasting your time and money!

Good News! You’re Further Along Than You Know…

For most Subject Matter Experts, 80% of the content they need for their 99 Questions book is on their hard drive! And with my step-by-step process my team and I will not only show you how to extract the content you need, we’ll keep you accountable to deadlines and work closely with you to fully produce your book.

Endorsements—Borrowing Star Power to Impact Your Customers

What separates published books from all other sales tools?


When your book carries the endorsement of recognized industry gurus, editors, association heads, independent researchers, important bloggers, authors and other Subject Matter Experts it becomes the superior weapon in your marketing arsenal. In your customer’s mind, you just earned an instant field promotion to Credible Expert.

And isn’t that the point?

When I wrote my first book, Marketing Playbook—The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing, I had no idea how to get anyone to endorse my book. I figured I’d have to hire an agent or go through a traditional book publisher in order to get endorsements.

I was wrong.

The “Endorse-O-Matic” System

Getting people to endorse your book is actually an exceptionally simple process. If you follow the steps I teach you, invest your time (as you must!), you will get endorsements.

Using the system I developed, I got a total of twenty-five endorsements from a lot of well-known (and lesser-known) industry experts. Sometimes people marvel at the names (people like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki and Rieva Lesonsky). While others can’t believe the shear number of endorsements I’ve gotten.

And It Wasn’t Beginner’s Luck

When I wrote my second book, 99 Questions to Jump Start Your Partner Channel Brain, I used my system again. This time, I got twenty endorsements, the most recent from Jill Konrath, a leading sales training expert and author or SNAP Selling.

My system works! It’s gotten results for me as well as for every author I’ve trained. Why not take advantage of it so you get the endorsements you need, too? Not just for your 99 Questions book, but for any book you write in the future.

Think about it this way. Endorsements are the hard-copy equivalent of a Twitter Retweet or Facebook “Like.’ It’s a social stamp of approval from people your customers respect as recognized industry experts or people with whom they share a strong affinity. White Papers, Reports, free PDF eBooks and brochures can’t do this.


Amazon Book Reviews

The best part of Amazon is the third-party reader reviews. The worst part of Amazon is having a new book listed without any reviews. No one wants to go first. Each month, thousands of Amazon book pages sit idle, orphaned, just waiting for someone to buy and write a review.

Your book won’t be an orphan. I’ll show you how to get reviews—positive reviews’within days of it being listed for sale.

Your Brand, Your Copyright, Your Files, Your Intellectual Capital

This is an important distinction to make between what I’m offering and all the other people you may have considered. Each book is treated as a unique marketing project by my design staff. This means that if you have a corporate style guide, we’ll do our utmost to follow your brand guidelines.

On the other hand, if you’re a growing company (or a start-up) that’s still noodling on design standards, we’re comfortable working in that environment, too.

It also means that the final work product is yours. It’s your copyright. Your design (yes, you do get all the final files—including InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator and any fonts we’ve used). Your brand.

Yep, you get everything. Our terms and conditions say that and have since 1997.

Plus, you’re also under no obligation to come back to us for your next book project or for any follow-up work. If you have the design resources, use them.

Kindle Books Are NOT Created Equally

The last point of differentiation I want to make is about Kindle books. Most of them are an ugly-read. Literally, they’re text thrown onto a screen having all the styling of a circa 1995 web page. That may be fine for a romance novel, but not for marketing material aliasing as a book.

We don’t do that. Instead, we faithfully reproduce the graphics on each page so that your Kindle edition matches your printed and PDF editions. No one else does this. But we do.

Making it go Viral—Something Else a Brochure CAN’T DO

Then there’s the challenge of getting your marketing materials (i.e., your book) into the hands of as many potential clients as possible. It’ called “high pass-along value.” And eBooks are perfect for this—as long as they have an explicit value attached to them…such as a $19.95 price tag for its physical book’s twin listed on

Comparing Options for Establishing Credibility

There are other options for establishing credibility. As I’ve mentioned earlier, White papers and reports are two viable formats that have worked exceptionally well. EBooks (that is, eBooks produced as PDFs and not formally published or offered for sale on Amazon) fall into this category, too.

Pass-along/Tweetability—How likely a marketing piece will get forwarded to a colleague or talked about in social media outlets like Twitter.

Total Cost—The total cost of production (including soft costs like staff time)

Memory Value—How likely a recipient will remember AND KEEP your marketing piece.

Credibility—The positive shift in credibility in the eyes of a prospective client.


They’re yours. We don’t want to be your gatekeeper. We do request non-exclusive digital co-branding distribution rights which allow us to help you viralize your book.


Your success is determined by you meeting your deadlines. All-in pricing does not include exotic graphic design or principal photography—which may be requested and separately billed. Book printing typically 10 days. Rush charges and shipping outside USA is extra.

I know of no better way to distinguish yourself as an expert than with a published, fully-endorsed book. It has the most compelling ROI and the longest shelf-life of any marketing material. It never gets thrown away and is often passed-along to other potential readers/customers.

But I’d like you to consider not just what a book can do for your own immediate marketing efforts. Think beyond your own four walls and to the people you may not know who can now virtually bring you into opportunities you could never uncover on your own.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to take this important step today?

Don’t forget... by definition, your book provides solutions to problems you will never have the opportunity to solve. There are countless business leaders all around the world who rely upon borrowed experience from books… like yours!