Answering your questions about the Book Workshop and why published books are the best marketing tools in your toolbox
  • Why can’t I just publish my book as an eBook (PDF)?

    You can, but you’re missing the huge advantage of having a book that’s up on That UPC symbol, ISBN and Library of Congress listing add heft to your book’s percieved value.

  • How about publishing my book as a Kindle eBook? What am I missing by not having a printed/published book?

    There are few things more powerful than handing a real, printed, endorsed book to a prospective customer. It’s the best calling card you and your sales team can have. Better than a brochure, they never get thrown away.

  • How about costs? How do book costs compare with a White Paper or Brochure?

    You’re going to find that the total, all-in costs for an endorsed, published book are in the same ballpark as a decent white paper or brochure. Sure, you can cheap-out on anything. You can slap a Do-it-Yourself PDF White Paper together and tell yourself you saved money.

    But in the long-run (okay, maybe even in the short-run) your Customers—and especially, your sales team—will know.

    I mean, who are you hoping to fool? Yourself?